Mance Poudrier

United Kingdom

Artist Statement:  Impressionism was the first influence of my work. The technique of brushstrokes, the texture and the fuzziness of the subject inspired me a gestural freedom in the act of painting. From the beginning of my artistic practice, the peculiarity of my work was denoted by a macrocosmic look of the subject I was painting. In the same way, the medium on which I presented my work has always been an integral part of my work. There will be atmospheres that emerge from places corresponding to interior spaces, there will be characters who in their look or their posture will bring me back to states of being. There will also be symbolic elements such as the verticality of the column, the tree, the statue, the ruins of stone buildings and the decaying concrete surfaces that hold places of memory traces of life impregnated in the material. These are oversized portraits of characters who live in the places where they are. Sometimes the face is complete, sometimes it overflows the frame of the painting or hides behind strips of metallic paint. The depth of the stares of the characters, the blur of soft colors that blend into each other, the hidden aspect or the appearance of the subject represented anywhere, the metallic elements that come to adorn or conceal the subject but illuminate the painting; create a mysterious atmosphere that hovers over the work, opening to a deep state of mind that borders on melancholy and seduction