Malwin Faber


Abstract Expressionist Contemporary
Abstract Expressionist Contemporary

In my painting, grids or sharp-edged contours initially form a geometric order, which in the next moment is overlayed and disrupted by a gestural-expressive painting. This outbreak is finally captured again and tamed. The result is a tension that does not dissolve.

Malwin Faber creates complex synergies from gestural traces, sharp-edged cut-outs, lines and material textures. The abundance of different interwoven colours and shapes initially appears as a Gordian knot, demanding the full attention of the beholder. Faber focuses on presenting a fascinating interplay of seemingly contradictory images and outwardly contrasting prominences: the small-scale with the extensive, geometric elements contrasted with sweeping indexical signs, convergence with centrifugal force. Most striking is the simultaneity of speed and tranquillity, of coincidence and precision. The picture’s gradual composition resembles a jazz improvisation; it is a blend of freedom and discipline with alternating rhythms. (Text: Dagmar Lott-Reschke)

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