Mairi Timoney

United Kingdom


Mairi Timoney lives in Edinburgh, she studied Painting Edinburgh College of Art and at L'École Superieure Des Arts Decoratifs in Strasbourg, France. Mairi's current practices come from the collection of materials and various immerge to create aesthetically and compositionally engaging. Since graduating Mairi has taken part in a number of solo and group exhibitions including London Art Book Fair at Whitechapel Gallery London in 2015 and Outlines Urbane Art Edinburgh in 2017. Along with here, exhibition Mairi has been shortlisted for a number of awards including The Edinburgh Visual Artists Award Creative Scotland in 2017. Mairi is influenced by the unfamiler, architecture and the lives and stories behind the people who inhabit such spaces. She uses her practice to explore her interest in narrative and space.

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Battersea Autumn
Battersea, London: 21 - 24 October 2021
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