Magda Krawcewicz


Figurative Contemporary
Figurative Contemporary

I understand my art as reflection; as a mirror of our own soul and diversity. What interests me in art interests me in life in general: Emotions, relations, vulnerability, the ephemera, the impermanence, the unknown mystic, archaic forms, the pure, the spiritual, good and evil. My paintings and sculptures became another vocabulary to communicate.

1978 born in Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland 1998 - A levels in Hamburg 2000 - 06 University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg Visual Arts class of Prof.Merose, Photography class of Prof.Ute Mahler Diploma in Visual Arts 2019 - 20 Teaching Art Residencies: 2018 SOMMER.FRISCHE.KUNST, Bad Gastein, June - July 2016 RESIDENCY.CH / PORGR BERN, Schweiz, October - November + numerous private european collections lives and works in Hamburg

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