Madeleine Harrington

United Kingdom

Madeleine Harrington (b.1997) graduated with a BA in Painting from Brighton University in 2019. Harrington lives and works in London. Harrington is known for her large scale works on canvas, which is heavily influenced by the legacy of abstract expressionism, exploring images and ideas relating to ‘nature’ and landscape and its emotional impact upon us. The French word frisson is, ‘a sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear; a thrill’, this sentiment is what serves as the inspiration of the work. Harrington’s painterly and material concerns embody feelings and sensations she experiences via the ‘natural’ world. The natural world can make the human race feel insignificant and that can be frightening, a storm seen at a distance can be aesthetically beautiful, tough, dangerous and frightening at close proximity. As well as working with distance, the scale is addressed in Harrington’s works. The large canvas’ represent the grandeur of ‘nature’. Harrington builds her canvasses with a mixed media of oil paint with alkaflow, acrylic paint, emulsion paint and collage. The combination of materials creates depth throughout the pictorial surface allowing layers to emerge. This is developed through the physical act of layering paint onto the surface. The work becomes an extension of the artist and projects a personal approach to the subject matter. Colour, line, edges and borders are key to the work. The use of “whiteness”, works as a palimpsest creating layers and passages throughout the work. This is through a visual metaphor of deep-rooted patterns and structures in nature and intends to render abstract geology. Exhibitions include Recent graduates Exhibition, Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London, UK 2020; Free Range, Truman Brewery, London, UK, 2019; Brighton Graduation Show, Brighton, UK, 2019; Late Summer Exhibition, Control Tower Gallery, Kings Hill, UK, 2019; Kespos Art Gathering, A Curious Hall, Falmouth, UK 2019; Kingston End of year show, UK, 2016.

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