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M. Siva



Siva comes from a family of traditional folk dramatists, his famous grandfather having a definitive impact on him and the formation of his artistic idiom. Like Perciyal, Siva has experienced great success over the last two years. Now with patrons in abundance around him, Siva's art has recentered itself in exploring the dramatic dreamscape imagery for which he is known.

His paintings are characteristically simple in composition and content; shapes are delineated with dark outline and a single colour often is used to describe form. This style highlights most of all his deft draughtsmanship and skilful pictorial arrangement. Content of his work always has a certain theatricality that relates to his upbringing as well as his personality. His technique and palette has however changed a great deal from two years ago. Today, Siva spends a great deal of time experimenting with thin layers of colour beneath the surface of the painting. This under-painting creates a different atmosphere for his work, particularly as his choice of colour has on the whole darkened in tone.

His final paintings are dramatic and engrossing like watching a wonderfully surreal opera and then being invited on stage to sing. Siva draws us into a dreamscape or hypnotises us by a single mesmeric, symbolic object like a mysterious pot or levitating South Indian ceremonial palanquin.

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