M. Natesh

United Kingdom

Natesh refers to himself as a proper Madrasi - born and bred in Chennai. In his first drawing classes he came under the guidance of famous South Indian artist, Professor R.B. Bhaskaran, his Zen master as Natesh puts it. Natesh remembers how Bhaskaran liberated him, showing how to release the pencil and get some freedom out of the line. The next day instead of four drawings, he made thirty-four. It was a turning point for the young artist. After experiencing the impact of the European Masters at the Madras College of Arts & Craft, the young Natesh was soon drawn to Indian temple art -especially Chola and Pallava art. Following the lines of these works of art began a realisation that looking to Europe was unnecessary modernity was alive in India. On completing his studies at the Government College in 1986, Natesh moved forward simultaneously as a gifted artist as well as a talented theatre set designer and since 1999, has become a key propagator of installation art. Although he describes his home as his cemetery due to the debris left from installations and theatre sets, there is a quiet space left uncluttered for him to concentrate on his drawing. Every morning Natesh sits down to produce fluid line drawings that are amazing to behold. In recent years, he would begin by drawing one of his Ganeshes. He sees Ganesh as the ultimate warm-up: capturing Ganeshs voluptuous body and cheery disposition. Many of his contemporaries describe him as a classicist because of his drawings. He puts this down to the design element conspicuous in his finished pieces. In his words, he looks for fluidity through symmetry and repetition of line and form.

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