Lyndsey Keeling

United Kingdom


Lyndsey Keeling works with illusion of surface. She finds surfaces and tools that work together in an unexpected marriage. Having found some very fine mesh over a decade ago, its potential as an interesting medium was evident. It was experimentation with line and shadow and the endless use of stretching and straining this material, that its hybrid sculptural/ drawing possibilities became evident. Through trial and error, the use of a kitchen wooden spoon became the tool of choice. She sanded down the edges of the spoons and used all the parts for shaping the metal gently. Her most current drawings still give her the same immense satisfaction and sense of frustration that they did when she first started. Satisfaction when the image becomes almost 3D, but huge frustrations when the process almost always involves the prospect of ruining the work before pulling it back in order to achieve the perfect movement/surface.

Galleries Showing Lyndsey Keeling’s Work

Artwork by Lyndsey Keeling