Luella Martin

United Kingdom

Luella Martin's etchings are the result of repeated observation of places that she knows well - usually on the South Downs or the Sussex Coast. Her recent works use the solar etching process. The plate is exposed in sunlight (or U.V. lamp) and washed out in water before being inked up and printed intaglio like a traditional etching onto dampened paper. Due to the nature of the process there are some variations between the prints making each one unique. Educated in London, Luella Martin studied at Hornsey and Byam Shaw Colleges Of Art and then at Goldsmiths College, London for her post-graduate Studies. She has lectured part-time in London and Sussex before traveling extensively in Europe and living in Australia for 12 years. Luella returned to England in 1997 and now works full-time in her studio at Phoenix Brighton on the south coast.

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Artwork by Luella Martin