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Lucy du Sautoy



British artist Lucy du Sautoy graduated from The Art Academy in London with a first-class Fine Art Diploma in 2015, the same year her painting Daydreaming was selected for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition.

Much of Lucy’s work is based on the theme of everyday views created from a spirit of daydreaming and distraction. Going home from college one day, she found herself focusing on the raindrops travelling across the train window as she pondered the concept of daydreaming – that moment when you don’t feel any emotion, that almost meditative, in-between state that often occurs during moments of routine and boredom, when the mind wanders and you can become focused on tiny details.

Since then Lucy has focused on familiar, often overlooked, subjects in her work – those raindrops on train windows, as well as finger-drawn words and pictures on steamed-up car windows. “I aim to create a sense of recognition that can allow the viewer to overlay the painting with their own mental imagery, or to imagine what might have led to or might follow this moment. I aim to trigger their daydreams.”

Lucy works from photographs as her first point of reference. She manipulates them digitally by cropping, blurring areas to bring other details forward and altering colour saturations. This enables her to work out the composition and see whether what she has in mind can work as a painting.

Surface is important to the artist; she wants the viewer to enjoy the painted medium as much as she does, so brush marks are often visible and layers of glazes obvious. It is not her intention to produce photorealist paintings.

Lucy’s work is regularly exhibited, most recently in a solo show, Views, at the Jane Newbery Gallery in London in 2017, and in the group shows Figments at the Menier Gallery and This is Reality at the Espacio Gallery in London in 2016. She is frequently commissioned and her work is held in private and corporate collections across the UK and in the US.

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