Lucile Callegari



Coming from an Italian family coming from Veneto and a line of unique Parisian daughters, it is on the lands of the Bordeaux region that her father, a painter in his spare time, and her mother, fond of history and travel. Graduated in History of Arts and Archeology from the University of Bordeaux III, it is through contact with the associative and artistic milieu that she is enriched; the visual arts, theater and contemporary poetry are the fields through which it evolves. 2010, year of upheaval, a misfortune, a happiness. Following an emotional, brutal and irreversible shock, creation imposes itself on her. The choice of the medium, the painting, and the subject, the woman, are obvious. Work of the unconscious, its destiny glimpses this light, transcendence becomes its guide; liberating act, means of survival. Awaken memory, rekindle hope, work for the development of oneself, for oneself and for others. The unique choice of female portrait is obvious to her; work on humans with the infinite possibilities of aesthetic and emotional treatment it offers. Nothing is defined in advance. A face that inspires, to create a new one, far from the model, in his image, image of the unconscious thus materialized. Fast and energetic, she works in a single spray. The real is modified and only becomes a staging, a pretext for a face to face confrontation. These women are a reflection of herself, their gaze is a reflection of her soul. Testimony of a lost reality, transcended by the multiplication and infinite variation of the female image, thus becoming universal and timeless; plurality of models to make one. It is indeed his deep and intimate nature that shines through in his works; terrible and exhilarating exposure. It is then that the external and subjective eye of the viewer can imagine the story, its own story because the art of portraiture is only a story of encounter ...

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