Luca Brandi

United Kingdom

Luca Brandi was born in Florence, Italy in 1961. He began to develop his practice at the age of 9 when he took up the opportunity to study under with master painter Romolo Prati with whom he work on icons, in various churches in Florence, Italy. At the age of 15 Luca’s style began to develop when he produced some science fiction pictures for a magazine. It was in the 80s that Luca began to develop his skills in painting eye-catching abstract paintings. After studying the works of Richard Serra, Brice Marden and Frank Stella, Brandi discovered a passion for minimalist art. He then began working on new works based on the layering of metallic colours that are still the basis of his work today. His painting have been exhibited throughout Italy and London.

Galleries Showing Luca Brandi’s Work

Artwork by Luca Brandi