Loz Atkinson

United Kingdom

Loz Atkinson studied Fine Art at De Montfort University and currently lives and works in Leicester. She has been practicing and exhibiting in the UK and internationally for over 8 years. Loz's specialities are print, paint, sculpture and digital media. She is open to explore different ideas and to adapt her skills to the subject matter. Her themes are provocative yet hopeful, including the concepts of mortality, emotion, truth, time, movement, environment and morality. By using layering techniques, the artist likes to play with contrasting perceptions, using bold shape, line, form, colour and symbolism. Through her artwork, Loz has raised awareness and made over £38,000 in help of wildlife and children’s charities. Artist's statement: "I feel I approach my art practice in quite a scientific way, seeing a question or a problem and working out a way to show that best. Never really looking for an answer necessarily but more of an understanding? Facts, Information, history, nature, life, existentialism and the bondless curiosity of a child or a scientist have always fed my practice whether in a literal sense or in a not so pronounced way".

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