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LOK KERK HWANG, born in 1973, Malaysia, is an internationally-renowned award-winning watercolour artist. He is the Ambassador of Mijello Mission Watercolour from Korea, and Signature Member of The American Watercolor Society (AWS) and The Allied Artists of America, Inc. (AAA). He is also a member of the Malaysian Watercolour Society, and Singapore Watercolour Society. Kerk Hwang actively participates in international juried exhibitions and Art Expos, and has won over 30 awards in several prestigious competitions worldwide. He is a regular Invitation Artist to many prestigious international exhibitions, and was recently awarded Signature Membership of the American Watercolour Society. Kerk Hwang's painting was on the cover of leading European Watercolour Magazine “The Art of Watercolour” 16th Issue September 2014 with a 6-page article, and also appeared in a 4-page Feature Article on 26 Issue, March 2017. He is included in the Russian/English bilingual book “24 Masters of Watercolor: From East to West” published in 2015. Kerk Hwang’s works are in the collections of corporations, governments, schools and many private individuals around the world.

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Singapore: 25 - 27 February 2022
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