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"Colourful, playful and moving, the acrylic and mixed media artworks I create aim to express in pigments what cannot be expressed in words and capture the shared space between us".

Lisa is an internationally acclaimed artist who’s work using layers patterns and washes is inspired by her journeys through landscapes she loves and her deep connection to her family. Lisa studied Fine art at Dewsbury college of Art, Loughborough University and Art Education at Cambridge University, "As an abstractionist painter who uses primarily acrylics on canvas as well as mixed media pieces, I make a variety of formats of paintings. My work aims to express in pigments what I cannot express in words. Often made in domestic and landscape situations, I want to create and share the experience I feel and see in the world around me". "All of my work starts out by creating paintings. The miniature pieces are then developed into unique jewellery. From the larger paintings, I take sections, colours and shapes and by using my unique printing process, I create one-off designer ceramics and textiles by layering designs. All my work is ethically made by me my studio".

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Battersea Spring
Battersea, London - Spring: 10 - 13 March 2022
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