Pop Art
Pop Art

LIMBO comprises the artist duo Christian Dorey and Martin Fontaine, who combine their diverse talent and approach to the graphic arts to create vivid silk-screened images of nostalgic artifacts. Dorey arrives at their collaboration from a rich legacy of pop-artmaking, and Fontaine contributes to the precision of decades in graphic design and abstraction. In LIMBO, the artists explore the world of childhood memory, depicting selectively-considered toys and household objects in order to contemplate the experience of childhood from a broader sociopolitical context. In choosing items from their own upbringing, the artists implicate themselves in a global system of inequality. The weapons which permeate their otherwise playful and candy-colored oeuvre refer to the warfare and criminality from which millions of children cannot be protected. LIMBO considers ideal and abject facets of childhood, to reveal the chaotic injustice with which these fates meet their recipients.

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