Lee Ellis

United Kingdom

Lee Ellis is a multi-media artist, originally born in Cheltenham, England. He studied Graphic Design at Bristol’s University of the West of England. After graduating in 2006, Lee became disillusioned with the world of design and began to experiment with abstract painting. Over the years he has honed his craft, developing a distinct and bold style. Comfortable using multiple mediums, Lee aims to document the world around him, with a focus on people. The contemporary artist has an expressive style, created with blurred brushstrokes and powerful marks. His poignant body of work portrays everyday life with distortion, bringing psychology to the fore and capturing the emotional angst of his figures. Lee currently lives and works in Bristol, UK. He has exhibited wildly across the UK from 2007 until now, both in solo and group exhibitions, including Black Rats Projects in Soho. His work has also been featured in House and Garden Magazine. 

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Artwork by Lee Ellis