Lee Borthwick

United Kingdom

Folk Art
Folk Art

Lee Borthwick combines her love of wild landscapes with sensitively gathered materials. Her intuitive approach to fabrication facilitates a tactile, reflective, and poetic experience for the viewer. Assembling organic forms, tree pieces, and timber off cuts into ordered relationships, often fused with mirror, is a recurring concept within Lee's practice. She places importance on purity by habitually echoing the existing beauty in natural forms, an approach that emerged from time spent living in Finland: the land of lakes, forests and vast, solitary spaces combined with the peace and contemplation she found there is the strand that connects each piece of her work.  From her North London workshop, the Scots-born installation artist, has been creating custom-made and site specific natural artworks for residential, commercial and exterior spaces since 2009. She trained in Textile Design at Grays School of Art and Turku Polytechnic then completed an MA in Constructed Textiles at the Royal College of Art graduating in 2008. Her works are in private collections across the USA, Mexico, Canada and South Africa and she has worked with Grizedale Arts, The Arts Council England and Wandsworth Arts Festival in delivering projects.

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