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Laurene Boglio



Laurène Boglio is a French-born illustrator and art director who now lives and works in London. Laurène developed a unique and distinctive style while studying in Paris and Strasbourg. Here illustrations take on a fun approach that showcases her own unique sense of hummer She has a passion for illustration people, landscapes, and typography, she utilizes a range of techniques, always producing art with her truly original and compelling aesthetic.

Laurène has worked across an eclectic range of media and recently, she led the creative helm of celebrated illustrated film magazine Little White Lie. Clients include: BBC, Branchage, The BFI (British Film Institute), Bureau Export de la Musique Française, Chase, Le Chocolat des Français, Converse, Discovery Channel, Facebook, Fawcett Society, Flammarion, General Electric, Giphy, Google, Grey Magazine, The Guardian, Huck Magazine, Little White Lies, many music bands, Milk Magazine, Mint magazine, My French Film Festival, The Observer, Shore Scripts, Sofitel, Taylor Swift, Tumblr, ZEIT, and Zut magazine.

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