Laurence Wallace

United Kingdom

Minimalist Abstract (geometric)
Minimalist Abstract (geometric)

“All my paintings are derived from observational drawings. Any decorative elements are stripped away to create an atmospheric theatrical picture.

Laurence is a graduate of the Royal College of Art. His work has been included in over 30 group and 20 solo exhibitions. He has taught regularly as a drawing tutor and as a visiting lecturer at many art institutes in the UK and overseas. He is interested in the man-made, from domestic objects to the built environment in public and private spaces. His search for the unusual, dramatic and sometimes abstract is reflected in the work. Human figures are excluded from the work as they bring emotions into the images which are not required. The viewer is the one who brings such emotions to the work. Laurence's principal medium is watercolour. "The Still-Life paintings are painted directly from compositions I set up, painting these objects in both natural and artificial light. Both the above approaches inform each other, and there are often many cross-overs where objects from one painting will appear in another”. He lives and works in London, UK.

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