Laura Rich

United Kingdom

Laura Rich was born in Wiltshire in 1979. She graduated in Graphic Design and Illustration at Bath Spa University College in 2001. Alongside teaching drawing and painting to adults, she co-coordinates Wiltshire's largest art trail The Wylye Valley Art Trail (along with artist Nick Andrew). Her landscape paintings are sold in galleries across England and are held in private collections internationally. Throughout the years she has been commissioned numerous paintings for commercial projects and private homes. Artist's statement: "I often take inspiration from the Wiltshire downland and Dorset coastline within easy reach of my home. My paintings are created using many layers of narrative; I hope my work provokes a memory or stirs an emotion in the onlooker. I am not concerned with the figurative aspect of the landscape itself, although it is always my starting point, moreover I want to capture the history of the moment I was there and how it mirrors the experience of many others who have stood there before me and will after."

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