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Laura House



Laura was born in Brazil and currently lives in London. 

She started drawing animals in November 2014 when she set herself a personal challenge: to draw 30 animals in 30 days, and to research an interesting fact about each one.Through the process of close observation and in really trying to capture the essence of each creature, Laura was confronted with the difficulties of representing the specific traits of each animal. 'What is the ‘puffin-ness’ of the puffin? How do I get that in my picture? Over the 30 days the menagerie of drawings grew and grew, and when the month was up, I realised I’d not even scratched the surface. So the process of drawing the animals as a collection became an exercise in grounding and gaining perspective: Look at the world… Look how much bigger it is than you… What an adventure! My aim now is to use my drawings to share my delight in some of the planet’s most beautiful and fascinating creatures.'

Laura's work carries a conservation message and draws the viewer in to look closely at these incredible animals, and learn something about their curious behaviour. 'Mostly I use dip-pen and ink to draw because I like to build up tone using fine line, and also because the process of having to return to the ink well encourages me to stop, slow down, and look a bit more. For some images, I’ve used black scraperboard for a white-on-black effect which helps to enhance patterns in foliage or in the animal’s coat. The challenge is to draw from life – this demands confidence, speed and accuracy!'


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