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Born in 1976, Lamiel is a French artist who lives and works in Paris. Attracted by drawing since she was very young, she discovered collage when she was just a teenager. She then started to use pieces of magazines for her creations, influenced by Pop art. Her work is directly inspired by her trips to Africa, from which she draws energy and inspiration. Tunisia, Senegal, Mali, Tasmania, Morocco, Egypt... Lamiel explores and learns, country after country.

During her travels, she collected inspiration that she brought back in the photographs she took. She develops a pictorial language using old papers, books and fabrics that she matches and mixes in different layers to translate her personal impressions. Her process is methodical: she begins by looking for old papers, covers of old books, backs and bindings, all weathered by time. She creates hills, dunes or boulders. Some traces or stains of acrylic paint serve as the outline of a face or a silhouette.

Lamiel's work is poetic, lyrical and refined. Her paintings are an ode to traveling and happiness. She presents her work regularly in France and abroad. She has exhibited her work in Paris, Hong Kong, and Brussels.

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