Lam Wai Kit

United Kingdom

Lam Wai Kit was born in 1966, Hong Kong. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University, in London. She also holds a Master of Fine Arts from The Chinese University in Hong Kong. Her work includes photography, video art, text, sound, and installation. She explores identity, human vulnerability, intimacy, and the interrelationship between individuals and the surrounding circumstances. She also examines the roles and influences of ideology that construct us. “I wonder if there is any principle that we should follow and question if we honestly know what we desire. At the same time, the argument on how we are informed by ideology, and if we limit ourselves by stereotypical concept is also my research. My theme also implies on the conditions of where I visit or temporary stay. I would like to explore how diverse localities lead me to rethink my own identity, primarily a reflection of my own city.” Lam Wai Kit currently lives and works in Hong Kong and Mallorca, Spain. Her recent work uses text as an essential element. She is interested in the use of language, an aspect that is not only verbally presented, but also an interactive component that affects our understanding of image and expectation.

Galleries Showing Lam Wai Kit’s Work