Laimonas Smergelis


Realist Contemporary
Realist Contemporary

“It is important to me that the viewer smiles when looking at my works. The way I smiled as I created them. ” The artist’s paintings tell us about pleasant experiences, memories of the joy of discoveries and surprises. This gives rise to admiration for childhood, as well as a constant desire to poetize/romanticize it.

Born in Utena, Lithuania, 1972. Utena Children Arts School, Lithuania1985. 1989 repeatedly graduated from Utena Children Arts School. Siauliai Pedagogical University, Bachelor Degree in Arts and Crafts, 1995. Siauliai Pedagogical University, Masters Degree in Humanitarian Sciences, Fine Arts Studies, 1997. Worked as an art teacher in a primary school. Since 2003 organizes courses in Utena Region Association for Disabled. Organized about 30 personal exhibitions. Since 1990 participates in group exhibitions (about 40 exhibitions). Since 2008 participate in Art Fairs in Italy, Netherlands and UK.

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Artwork by Laimonas Smergelis