Kristina Milakovic

Serbia and Montenegro


Kristina Milakovic was born in Belgrade in 1976 to a family of artists. After gaining a diploma in architecture, she studied Byzantine sculpture and iconography. In 1996, Milakovic moved to Italy and enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts, first in Florence and then in Rome, where she graduated in painting. She has exhibited extensively, in shows and art fairs in Italy and abroad. Milakovic’s technique is based on the use of acrylic, pigments, tar and ink, applied with a quick and gestural method to the canvas, creating both layers and drips of colour. Her latest works are dramatic, flickering landscapes in which reality blends with her imagination. This new direction contains echoes of Romanticism with its emphasis on an emotional response to nature.

Galleries Showing Kristina Milakovic’s Work

Artwork by Kristina Milakovic