Klaus Leidorf

United Kingdom

Klaus Leidorf was born in June 1956 in Bonn (Germany). After a few years working as a research assistant at the University of Marburg and employee at the Bavarian State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments, he gave in to his fascination for photography and aviation left to get his pilot's license. Since 1989 he is flying with his Cessna 172 and takes unusual pictures from the bird's eye view. Most of these images were taken in Bavaria, South Germany, where he spent most of the 8000 flying hours so far. Besides the aerial archaeology Klaus Leidorf is also capturing manmade graphic shapes and constructs or pure nature from a unique perspective with his exceptional photographs. Overhead photos of a site are invaluable for putting it in a wider context and discerning details invisible from ground level. But the details and context Klaus Leidorf sees are not just archaeological, they are also human: multicolored bathers lined up on a beach like jellybeans, or shiny truck cabs parked neatly like Legos. Some of Klaus Leidorf`s recent publications are the books: Hoch über Bayern Vol. 1 + 2 („High above Bavaria“) published by Volk Verlag, München Calendar: Hoch über Bayern 201„ High above Bavaria“ published by Volk Verlag, München

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