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Kim Anna Smith



Kim Anna Smith was born in London in 1982 from Swedish and English-Romani parents.

She is a self taught artist; she spent a year training in Kensington in the studio of her mentor, fine artist Rafal Zawistowski.
She had been working in music since the age of 18, travelling the world and championing a multitude of performers and their work across the electronic sphere before dedicating herself to art full time.

Kim is based in London, and her work is collected worldwide in private and public collections in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Monaco, Dubai.

Artist's statement:
" am obsessed with reading and learning and exploring. I fill my studio with books, notes and reference images, I need to curate the space around me in which I live. My phone is always full of stream-of-consciousness type paragraphs, it’s how I stay sane and make sense of things. I come to my work in a round about way in that I almost always start with words and titles; once I write down a title I have the whole image in my mind, I never forget it. I find the tug of war we all have within ourselves fascinating and an endless source of inspiration. For a long time I struggled with what I felt my work 'should' represent, 'I should be an activist!' I told myself, and yes, whilst some of my work is undoubtedly a statement to what is happening in the wider world I generally come back to the individual, sometimes it is me, sometimes it is something I observe about someone else. I want people to feel free and empowered, I want to create escapism. Music always plays a part, because of my background perhaps I feel like I belong to that group of people more than art in a way, but art is always how I express myself. For me it is the only way. I don't really play the art-world game, I'm not of it so to speak. A lot of the way it operates is wrong and not-inclusive so I just make stuff on my own terms, that feels right to me.
I originally started creating as an intimate response to things going on in my own life, almost like a personal reminder, a mantra – no matter what goes on fight dark with light. The more I thought about it I realised it also felt like an apt retort to everything going on in the world in a wider sense. As a result, making these pieces feels like constant discovery for me."

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