Ken Browne

United Kingdom

Ken Browne is a painter who lives and works in Ireland. His paintings are meticulously crafted abstract pieces that are influenced by an array of landscapes throughout Ireland. These are not specific landscapes but a synthesis of natural scenes that the artist has beheld in the past and which have left an indelible mark on his imagination. It is this interplay between bright skyscapes at the top and shadowy realms at the bottom that marks these out as truly original works.  While these skies are impressively Turneresque in their grandeur, they are also unmistakably Irish. They vary as only an Irish sky can vary, grey and misty one moment, warm and burnished the next. In these highly evocative works, landscape becomes the vehicle through which the artist explores the realms of human emotion and the subconscious. Browne comments, “They are not only abstract landscapes but “inscapes”, bringing the outside and inside world together, merging places with emotions and letting the viewer follow me on my emotional journey while experiencing their own – that is what my art is about.” In 2013, Browne was awarded Meath Bursary for Tyrone Guthrie Centre. His artworks have also been exhibited throughout Ireland and the UK.

Galleries Showing Ken Browne’s Work

Artwork by Ken Browne