Keith Parry

United Kingdom

Keith Parry first studied BSc Psychology at Hull University. And in 1987, he received his BA in Fine Art Photography from Derby Art College. He photographs quiet landscapes, often minimal in style, abstract and ambiguous, where apparently insignificant and anonymous places become witness to the human footprint. Occasionally exhibiting a playful sense of humour, these marginal spaces give pause in the visually rich complexity of our landscape. Keith and Howard Allman’s work were showcased together in ‘TWO VIEWS’, a series of collaborative exhibitions. Both of the photographers come from a background of many years’ experience in the commercial world, working with Blue-Chip clients in the advertising and design world. They have both reached the point in their careers where they can focus on work that interests them personally. Keith has worked as a freelance photographer since 1989. Originally, he combined photographing on location with studio-based work. He now primarily works on location although examples of his studio work can be seen on request. Previous clients include Airbus, Argos, BAA, Bloomberg, British Council, BMI. Clarins, Grosvenor Estates, Hilton, House of Fraser, Land Securities, Levis, Lufthansa, Marks and Spencer, Nissan, Orange, Sainsbury, Selfridges, Sony Ericsson, South Bank University, Tesco, Vauxhall Motors.

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Artwork by Keith Parry