Katherine Boland

United Kingdom

Katherine Boland lives on the south east coast of Australia. Her art practice is inspired and informed by the environment in which she lives. Her paintings are influenced by her experiences in, and responses to, her natural surroundings. Due to her unique style, she has been invited to studio residencies around the world creating work in these natural environments. Katherine works very physically with wooden surfaces to create the concept she wants to convey. She scratches, burns, scrapes, and layers mixed media and paint, creating a density of tone, line and texture. The 'Fire Flower' Series depicts the renewal of native flora and the resilience of the Australian bush after the fires which devastated her country at the beginning of the year. Incorporating non-traditional media and processes in her work, Katherine seeks to distil classical interpretations of the beauty of the natural world in an organic, abstract space. Here, bold and abstracted flowers emerge from a blackened landscape to flourish and restore hope. Katherine has won numerous art awards in Australia, more recently the 2009 Winner of the Heysen Art Award – Interpretation of Place. She holds Post Grad in Arts Therapy Practice. Katherine recently produced a book about the globe trotting life of a professional artist

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