Kate Trafeli

United Kingdom

Abstract Minimalist Contemporary Modernist
Abstract Minimalist Contemporary Modernist

"The marriage and dissonance of vibrant hues, shapes and composition in my paintings reflect the way I experience the world: fractured but alive with possibility. My work comes from a deep emotive place - I want the viewer to feel that, and to be drawn in."

Kate Trafeli is a British-American visual artist who makes luminous, abstract paintings and photographic mixed-media pieces. She moved to London in 2017, after ten years working and living in Italy. She has been deeply influenced by her time and experience in Italy, as well as by classic modernists’ works and colour theory. She received her degree in the arts in the United States, at Gonzaga University. She also holds a graduate degree and studied politics and philosophy at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Trafeli is known for organic shapes, harmonious colour and structured compositions. Her paintings represent experience, memory and place, for the most part abstracted, and in cases featuring marking which allude to maps, landscapes, doors, windows and bridges.  Trafeli shows her work in solo and group shows in London as well as at recognised curated shows in the UK and the US. She welcomes and has created numerous large-scale commissions. Her studio is now located in The ArtSpace 5 Studios N22 arts district.

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