Kalil Ali

United Kingdom

Kalil Ali is a UK based photographer who specialises in candid street photography. His work often incorporates people or elements of the human form which, combined with an affinity for geometric shapes and angles, creates a visual documentary of the surrealities of life. Originally taking up photography via a 35mm film SLR camera, Kalil taught himself to capture the essence of the city he lives in as well as those he visits. His experience via his portrait photography work exposed his talent in capturing people’s individual stories. Combined with an unbelievable patience for the decisive moment, built from his years of landscape and cityscape photography, Kalil’s street photographs depict remarkable moments of real life. Often using the sub-framing technique, Kalil exploits the physical objects and structures that lay around to compose his subjects, from steps and lamp-posts to benches and even other people. This way the viewers are directed and given context of the story being captured.

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Artwork by Kalil Ali