Justin Bradshaw

United Kingdom


Justin Bradshaw, born in London in 1971, studied at the City and East London Art College before moving to Italy in 1994. A consummate draughtsman, Bradshaw's technique ranges from watercolour on paper to the use of oils on copper and wood panel. In 2020, he was invited to take part in the group exhibition "From Giotto to Pasolini" at the prestigious Palazzo Doebbing museum in Sutri, curated by one of Italy's most famous art critics. Bradshaw's meticulous eye for detail has remained a leitmotif, culminating in a series of exquisite still lifes. While the realism is remarkable, the result is by no means photographic. The artist elevates the importance of each single element depicted, turning even the most ordinary object into something precious and memorable.

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Artwork by Justin Bradshaw