June Ho

United Kingdom

June Ho was born in 1990, China. She graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2015, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She composes collages and prints that display intricate brushstrokes, detailed settings, and restricted colour palettes. Taking inspiration from her personal experiences, the artist condenses and reconstructs familiar and foreign scenes of everyday life to portray her diaspora identity. She comments, “Art is a spiritual experience of loneliness.” Her works often depict the complex feelings of indifference, uncertainty, anxiety, and attachment associated with her origin and current place of residence. In 2015, June Ho received the Culture Corner Art Academy Fine Arts Award and in 2017, she won the Professor Mayching Kao Fine Arts Fund. She has been involved in several book projects and has previously shown in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea.           

Galleries Showing June Ho’s Work

Artwork by June Ho