Julie Hutchings

United Kingdom

Julie has been a professional artist for over 20 years. She is predominantly an oil painter; whose main source of inspiration comes from the human figure. Julie believes a strong drawing will form the basis of a good painting therefore most of her time is dedicated to this discipline. She starts her drawings in charcoal, mixing oil, pastel and graphite to build up her surfaces. She uses gestural and, mark making which gives the artwork emotion, energy and expression. The narrative then emerges. Julie has a very strong connection to the land & a love of animals. This reflects across her art with her indigenous background. Julie has been a winner of many art awards across Australia. Currently a finalist in the 2020 Jacaranda Inquisitive drawing award (JADA) – winner not yet announced . Winner of the 2017 Yulgilbh Travelling fellow ship travelling to France and Belgium.

Galleries Showing Julie Hutchings’s Work

Artwork by Julie Hutchings