Jordi Artigas

United Kingdom

The artistic work of Jordi Artigas is the result of his constant search for new natural and earthy pigments; a profound evolution in his career as an artist that at this moment is in full creative maturity. This evolution has led him to his newest pictorial series of striking abstracts characterized by the use of materials as diverse as coffee, dyes, acrylic pigments, oil and a long list of others, giving his work an almost sculptural aspect. His paintings are an internal reflection of his mind, both conceptual and expressionist, in which we find almost savage brushstrokes mixed with textures, symbols and intentional furrows.  Thanks in part to the international fairs in which he has participated, Artigas’ work can be found in private collections throughout the world including New York, Milan, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Hamburg, London and Brussels, among others.

Galleries Showing Jordi Artigas’s Work

Artwork by Jordi Artigas