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Joel Cuoq



Joel Cuoq (Saint-Etienne, 1958) live and works in Cannes. He studied social sciences at the Sainte-Anne University in Canada before journeying from North America to South America. Whilst on these travels Cuoq encountered the Indian civilisations, then Aztec, Mayan and Inca, which had a lasting impact on his art.

After a period of time in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Cuoq settled on the French Riviera. He regularly exhibits in the region and its main artistic influences are the Figuration Libre, Tribal arts and comics.

Press Paper Cube mosaic is his current project. He creates cubes from compressed magazine pages to form 3D compositions that reconstruct images. His works are based on three main concepts: recycling (giving a second life to old magazines), collage and mosaic.

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