Joe Li

Hong Kong

Conceptual Expressionist Contemporary
Conceptual Expressionist Contemporary

Joe Li (b.1969) is a Hong Kong sculptor. With his continuous enthusiasm and interest in art, he kept on creating art pieces while working, and he furthered his studies in art and graduated from the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, majoring in sculpting. Through exploring a variety of creative medium, including sketching, stone carving, wood carving, clay sculpting, art installations etc, these experiences strengthened his creative power and passion in art. In his early years, Li worked as a technician in a factory, where he had the chance to get exposed to different mechanical operations and related knowledge such as mold modelling, tools polishing, usage of metal and wood materials and so on. Through mastering the techniques at work, he applied them in art creation, coupled with gifted inspiration making him even more powerful in art creation; he advances and developed into a full-time artist. Li currently serves as the vice chairman of We Sculptors and board member of Hong Kong Sculpture. Since 2012, Li has worked as a welding process instructor in Sculpture Art Specialist Course of Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. Now, he focuses on art creation and education.

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