Jo Jenkins

United Kingdom

Jo Jenkins is a retired Art teacher who now paints full time. Her paintings are a response to places she has visited and images she remembers, whether it be walking in the Lake District, the Himalayas or New Zealand.  Jenkins works from sketches and memories. The marks and surfaces in the environment provide her with information to use as a starting point. She works with layers of paint to suggest a mystery for the viewer to experience. Some paintings contain figurative references, others are abstract. Weather conditions which produce dramatic effects and lighting always excite her. She is fascinated by situations where the shapes and colours she sees can produce ambiguous effects, maybe due to mist, sleet or a low cloud.  Jenkins is an elected member of Manchester Academy of Fine Art (MAFA) and was voted 2017 “Cheshire Life” Landscape Artist of the Year. Her paintings are in galleries and collections in the UK and abroad.    

Galleries Showing Jo Jenkins’s Work

Artwork by Jo Jenkins