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Jill Tattersall



Jill Tattersall is a mixed-media artist based in Brighton. After spending her childhood in Germany, Africa and London, she was guided towards academia by her parents; becoming a university lecturer on medieval French literature. All the while she continued to make art, turning to it seriously in the mid-90s after taking courses in Art and Design, Textiles and Ceramics. 

Tattersall has exhibited all over the United Kingdom, with solo exhibitions in both private and public galleries. She has undertaken commissions, led workshops and projects and given talks. Her work is included in private and public collections across the world.

Currently her studio is at The Wolf at the Door in Hove.

"Colour is vital to me. I use paints, inks, dyes and pure pigments to build up intense and glowing but (I hope) subtle colours. Many of my pieces are made on my own hand-cast cotton paper which offers a seductive texture to work on, and can be moulded and manipulated."

"I constantly experiment with materials and techniques, juxtaposing throwaway or reclaimed materials with costly ones such as pure pigments and gold and silver leaf. I often make art out of, or about, things other people throw away – the detritus of life. So long as it doesn’t rot, fade or rub off I’ll consider it."



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