Jill Ricci

United Kingdom

Jill Ricci’s multi-layered work aims to recreate the beauty of her favourite visuals, old walls layered with papers, graffiti and text. She is interested in layers of time and decay and how these can be deciphered as though a form of modern hieroglyphics. Using collected materials reminiscent of a cross-section of cultures, and allowing pattern, texture, colour and structure to emerge organically, Jill works to create a harmonious amalgamation between East and West, high art and popular culture, text and image, figuration and abstraction, ancient and modern, and two and three-dimensional space. Found images and objects function as signifiers of both individual and collective experience, and by incorporating materials that are linked to the realities of daily life, she strives to establish an immediate identification between the viewer and the work of art.  “I want the pieces to evoke the walls of Morocco, a Renaissance Church, a NYC subway wall and of a hint Malibu Barbie all simultaneously existing on one canvas.”  

Galleries Showing Jill Ricci’s Work

Artwork by Jill Ricci