Jill Ogilvy

United Kingdom

Classic Figurative
Classic Figurative

Born in Scotland, Jill Ogilvy has lived and worked in the UK, France and Italy. She completed a classical Fine Art training in Florence, Italy and later gained a BA (Hons) degree in graphics and illustration in London. She followed a career in illustration for some years with her work appearing in many publications such as the Sunday Times Magazine, Country Living Magazine, and BBC publications. Jill later took an MA at Falmouth College of Art and returned to her passion for painting and printmaking. She now works from her studio in Cambridge, UK. Jill’s work is largely concerned with a sense of identity and relationship. A painting may begin with the remnant of something old, an everyday object, or the memory of a distant landscape. She strives to create an image that is at once recognizable, but which also leaves space for the imagination; the intention being to evoke an emotional response to her work. She has exhibited widely both in the UK and internationally in Milan, Hong Kong and Brussels to name a few, with solo shows in the UK, France, and the US.

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