Jian Tan

United Kingdom

Jian Tan is a young Malaysian fine artist based in Melbourne. He studied Fashion Design and Textiles at RMIT Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia in 2018-19 and is currently (2020) studying 2020 Creative Arts (3D Character Animation & Design) at CDW Studios, Adelaide Australia. Recent exhibitions include; 2019, Book of Thrill Exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne, Australia and 2019, Fire-Relief Group Exhibition at The Space, Melbourne, Australia. Artist statement; 'Research is highly important to my process, I love applying new knowledge or new insight into my pieces. My mission as an artist is to disturb the comfort and comfort the disturbed. I gather my knowledge from reading history, science and biography books. I also love analysing music from all eras and genre, such as Jazz, Blues, Lo-fi and Hip Hop. I also feel that I am a natural activist, therefore it is seemingly unavoidable that I speak about global and societal issues through my art. As an artist, I'd like to think my pieces will continue to grow after my existence. It is important to me that my life's work will inspire and help those in the present and the future.'

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