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Jessie Siu



Jessie Siu is a Hong Kong-based artist and a philosophy postgraduate whose work of art shows heavy influence of both Western and Chinese philosophy.

Jessie created two distinctively original visual languages to communicate her own philosophy and coined them “Inkless Ink” and “Almost Animated".

“Inkless-Ink” creates Chinese ink-like paintings without the use of ink. The pure white canvases magically transform into Chinese ink-like with the activation of a LED-light mechanism. The yang interchanges to yin. The hidden yin world is made visible. This process of concealment and revelation of possibilities-to-be is at the core teaching of both Taoism and Existentialism.

“Almost-Animated” is originally known as transcendental impressionism. Yet Jessie later dropped the clumsy philosophy jargon to a more relatable term. This style is characterized by multiple layers of rapid thin lines, continuous brushstrokes and open composition. The dynamic flow of lines, colours and shapes create the illusion of movement and achieving the effect of “almost animated”. The two styles could not be more different in appearance yet they are instantly recognizable as her own and essentially dealing with the same investigation, namely, the meaning of being.

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