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Jessica Holmes



Born in 1980. Lives and works in London, United Kingdom. Holmes studied at the Wimbledon School of Art and the Royal Academy. In 2017 the Royal Armouries hosted a six-month exhibition of her work focussing on the battlefield of Passchendaele.

Other recent solo shows included All that remains at the Mayor’s Parlour Gallery, London and The Silent Ground at the Green Jackets Museum, Winchester. Her work is also held in the El-Khazindar and Moehlmann collections.

Over the last ten years she has been creating a body of work inspired by forgotten and disused spaces, and the half-remembered traces of people and things. The work sits on the boundary between the exterior and the interior, as overgrown vegetation and peeling, decaying surfaces are brought together in painting. Such work borrows from the Dutch Vanitas painting and the Japanese screen design as well as their modern equivalents in manga and comic book art. These influences are subverted by sheer abundance. The flora in the works are quotidian weeds that you might find in a British park or garden but there is also a tentacular, Lovecraftian busy-ness that hints at something before, something beneath. We are on the edge of the world, here. A liminal space-time where something other impinges on the quiet desolation of the post-human. Whilst I’m thinking here about the ground - about looking down - I’m also considering the ground - the surface of the canvas. To bring the work to completion, it required a journey across the canvas, as if covering the real ground, to create these rambling paths of vegetation.

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