Jess Quinn

United Kingdom

Jess Quinn is a visual artist who lives and works in Wales. Jess grew up in a household of makers and was shown to knit and sew at a young age. Her creative upbringing allows her to draw from a wealth of creative experience. She furthered her creative skills while studying at Glasgow School of Art where she took up Fine Art Painting. Since Graduating, Jess has worked as a freelance Fine art painter and as a model maker for stop-frame animation. Jess’s work explores imaginary narratives; the stories within her paintings mix memory and real events with fictional characters and places. She creates other places, a mixture of the magical and the real. The landscapes are often inhabited by strong women, protectors, and builders, themselves often protected by wild cats that represent their inner strength. There is often a suggestion of darkness, a looming threat to these new worlds, there is always light and dark in life, but Jess's paintings are coloured with hope.  

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Artwork by Jess Quinn