Jess Littlewood

United Kingdom

Jess' work explores what it is to be a human being, motivated by a need to make sense of the world. Littlewood creates digital collages constructed from found imagery based on her vast digital archive, reflecting a growing database of creative possibilities. Her latest landscapes act as testing grounds exploring the nature of humanity, playing host to discoveries, rituals, and civilisations, an amphitheater of human experience.  The sublimity of the natural landscape renders the human objects within it trivial and transitory, highlighting our fragile and temporary existence and exposing our weaknesses. Based on a never ending need to clarify why and how we are here, Littlewood's practice investigates the ways that throughout time humans have understood the world by creating belief systems. Littlewood explores the imagination, the mysterious, human frustrating, wonder, knowledge, validation and yearning meaning and how this can be exploited to gain power. Jess Littlewood graduated with a BA Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in 2010. Littlewood's work has featured in Tatler Magazine (UK), Fad, We Occupy, Mint Magazine, Amelia's Magazine, Distorted, Protein and Deerbrains to name a few. 

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Artwork by Jess Littlewood