Jayson Lilley

United Kingdom

Jayson Lilley works at the forefront of printmaking practices, incorporating painting and collage techniques into his process making each print different from the next. With a passion for urban landscapes, his work is known for its architectural focus, zooming in on familiar landmarks and reproducing iconic structures from the metropolis. These dynamic scenes sit against backdrops of expansive skies, created using large areas of gold, copper or silver leaf. The texture and imperfections of this hand-applied leafing adds to the originality of each piece. In order to pick out the detail in a cityscape, Jayson works with hundreds of individual photographs and redraws each element to create a composite image. This not only presents a unique perspective on the landscape through the eyes of the artist, but also allows the viewer to see the individual details of every structure and building, a level of detail not achievable through a camera lens. “My infatuation comes by the shape that my chosen building or vista makes as it cuts its way into the sky - the negative space draws me in as much as the building itself.”

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Artwork by Jayson Lilley