Jane Spink

United Kingdom


Jane Spink graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Art in 1984 with a degree in Textile Design. After graduating, Jane spent almost twenty years working as a freelance designer of knitted and printed textiles, selling designs through agents in the UK, USA and Japan. Clients during this period included The Burton Group and the prestigious Italian fashion house, Missoni. In 2002, Jane qualified as a teacher of Art and Design and spent the next 16 years teaching Art to children in secondary schools, before leaving to set up her own printmaking studio in 2018. Using the linocut method of relief printing, Jane’s work is largely inspired by her childhood love of nature, wildlife and particularly birds. She favours a combination of strong, bold marks with intricate detail, which often features in her prints. Jane feels that paper choice is key to the success of a printed work, and her prints are frequently made onto handmade papers, where the beauty and textures of the fibres in the paper will perfectly complement the subject of the print.

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